5 high quality glasses

  1. Ray-Ban RB2132 New glasses Weeper
    The list starts with Ray-Ban’s New Flag. These okuletas recognize the acceptance of old and old traditions. They are modern, but they are new; Angels are found in many different types of forms, all of them are good. These are the most successful in 2013.
  2. The skins of the Oakley Gaske men
    These nailovitors give the old tools a nice, nice look. Plastic and curved methods are so smartly designed that you can look at your eyes in the sun. With a 100-year showcase of UV and showcase, GasCans are the choice of fish and sun or other sports.
  3. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Ray-Ban is famous for revolutionizing the aviator, but did you know they also gifted us with the Wayfarer? The innovative brand designed this cutting-edge frame in the 50’s and much like the aviators, it has stood the test of time and been imitated by almost every other luxury label.
  4. Gamma Ray GR003 For those who do not like to go out during the summer, these computer glasses are a great way to keep your eyes relaxed. I just increase the eyes of the eyes but it also helps to show clearly the vision in the window. This is a good gift for anyone who spends more time on the computer.
  5. Smith Optics Sunglasses Pvlock V90 Max These new glasses are the highest choice for summer. They work best in almost all places: bombs, driving or even games. I allow lenses to change into five types. This is a good choice of modern people.