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tom ford sunglasses
Just when you thought Tom Ford’s eyewear couldn’t get any more covetable… he has now launched a Private Collection of special edition frames aimed at those who love eyewear. The collection consists of eleven exclusive frames worn by Tom Ford himself. Some of the frames were designed by Tom for his own exclusive use and so have never seen the light of day, until now that is. Each frame has been carefully crafted from ultra-premium materials, including buffalo horn selected for its natural warmth and luxurious feel, and the highest grade Japanese titanium chosen for its light weight and sleek look.

porsche sunglasses
P8478 is one of the most worn sunglasses in the world. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit any face and most of all any, any style (yes, Porsche has made the issue of size a matter of style) and an even wider range of colours, it is the ambassador of the brand and it was fair to present it in a limited edition series. Here comes P8478 40Y LIMITED EDITION. This version comes in only two sizes but as the German industry has used as to, everything has been thoroughly studied and size 66 and 69 are the ones that everybody wants. This frame MUST look more than oversize on anyone, so if you have a small face go for 66 while for medium and wider ones 69 is the right size. The frame is matte black in contrast with the golden clip which holds the lenses. And talking about the lenses, the limited edition comes with four extra sets of lenses besides the gradient grey already set on the frame, one for every occasion: blue gradient, blue/green mirror, mercury and brown.

versace sunglasses
For one of the latest 2016 Versace sunglasses ads, Versace went with non other than one of Americas current top models, Gigi Hadid. The designer powerhouse is promoting its latest frame which is a shield aviator style design with the on trend look of rimless and just all lens. This is a design style that is growing in popularity in 2016 and we’ll see how the trend develops through the year. SHOP THE VERSACE VE2161 IN ALL COLORS.

miu miu sunglasses
Miu Miu is definitely one of my favorite designer brands. I adore miu miu bags, clothes, and of course, sunglasses. I’ve been craving miu miu kad8v1 sunnies ever since I saw them on tuula. Eventually all the celebs started wearing them too. And you know what, dreams come true! I’m so happy I finally got my beloved miu mius from pret a voir. I think they really have the lowest prices for genuine designer sunglasses and glasses all over the internet as well as their sister site glasses now. Having quite a collection of sunglasses, it’s my first pair of the designer ones. And I can definitely tell the difference, the high quality is obvious and they are so comfortable to wear differently from cheap sunnies which always tend pinch my nose! But now I’m so ready for the sunny days!

dolce gabbana sunglasses
The brand was started in 1985 by two Italian designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Using both of their surnames for the name of their fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana is a label known world-wide. Their designs are inspired by and portray their Italian roots. The DG4199 sunglasses are both practical and eye-catching and available in different styles. The black and gold version feature in this sunglasses review is uber stylish and chic, timeless and matches any outfit. The brand work with the best optical experts who provide 100% UV protection. The famous Dolce & Gabbana lettering is embossed on the arms to show its authenticity and for extra stylish sophistication. Dolce and Gabbana expresses new forms of elegance, which make them current, but never forget their Italian roots, which is why they remain so popular all over the world.